Thank you for your interest in Naturopathic Medicine, and to my former patients, thank you for all the wonderful years working together. I will be taking an extended leave from practice, starting at the beginning of 2017. I have found an excellent young doctor, Dr. Ling Voon, who is happy to provide continuing care to my former patients. Dr. Voon practices in New Westminster, and you can reach her by calling 604-777-1003.

I have had a wonderful 21 plus years working here in New Westminster. I do wish you all the best. If anyone has any questions about the transition, you are welcome to call me at 604-520-9819. I will no longer be giving medical advice, but I am happy to talk to you. Thank you for all of these years, it has truly been great.






First, do no harm.

The healing power of nature

Find the cause

Treat the whole person

Physician as teacher